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Small Animal Boarding


Here at Starlight's, we aim to give the best for your pets.

Included we:

*Clean and disinfect the hutches daily, to
ensure tip top hygiene for your pet. 

*Offer daily health checks to ensure your animals
are always feeling their best.

*Ensure they have 24 hour love and attention,
and time within our family to socialise

*Give rabbits and guinea pigs fresh, unlimited
hay, that is changed daily

*Try to cater to your pets normal routine in
ensuring they are fed at their usual times, and
give them a variety of daily vegetables

*Give your pets a variety of toys to keep your pet
occupied, which are rotated every few days for

*(For rabbits and guinea pigs) Allow access to a
run daily for at least 9 hours to stretch their legs,
and for small rodents, let them free range supervised
for a minimum of 2 hours.

*Allocate ice pods in the summer to keep them cool 
and heat pads in winter to keep them warm


When you drop your animal off here at
Starlight's Animal Boarding, there are a few things
you need to remember to bring.

* A Secure pet carrier

*A valid and up to date vaccination card for Myxomatosis, VHD1 & VHD2 (Filavac)
signed by your veterinary surgeon. (for rabbits)
Your rabbit should have had these at least two weeks
prior to their boarding start date, If the card is not valid,
we can not accept your rabbits.

* Your pets own dried food.
We ask this, as switching abruptly to a different kind of
dried food abruptly can cause stomach upsets and other
As we can not supply every brand of feed here, we ask you
to bring a supply of your animals food which will last them

the duration of their stay

*Any toys/blankets you feel will help your pet settle in

*Your pets own cage if we are boarding a small

*We will require you to sign our terms and conditions
and fill out a booking form, if you have not already
done so.



Rabbits MUST be vaccinated prior to coming here for myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease, strains 1 AND 2. If a valid, signed vaccination card is not shown on arrival, we can not board your rabbit.

*If any pet shows signs of illness, injury or disease, we reserve the right not to accept them for boarding. We can administer some medicines if this has been discussed and agreed beforehand.

*We do not mix boarders while they stay, and every animal gets a daily health check. Therefore we will not be responsible for any illnesses or other common diseases.

*If any animals show signs of illness while in our care, we will contact our local veterinary surgery for advice, the invoice will be given to you upon collection of your pets.

*If bonded animals need to be separated in the interest of their health and wellbeing, we will charge you for the additional accommodation, payable on collection of your pets.


Please refer to our payments and costs page for full pricing details.