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Rabbit Housing

Please ask what size rabbit hutch rabbits actually need BEFORE purchasing hutches, as many pet shops are selling hutches that are not adequately sized for rabbits. For a single rabbit, it is recommended you get a minimum hutch size of 5ft X 2ft X 2ft although rabbits should NOT ideally be kept on there own, as they are very social animals

For TWO rabbits, its requirement you have a hutch of AT LEAST 6ft X 2ft X 2ft

If you have the room, why not opt for a shed/playhouse with attached run, or even a dog kennel?
There is nothing nicer than seeing your rabbit binky around happily in a large area.

For indoor rabbits, its best to go along the lines of a 48 inch dog crate with attached 6 ft puppy pen. Or maybe a cage made of NIC cubes. (Available from selected B & Q stores)

Before getting a rabbit, think about what you would do if you needed to go away for a weekend or having holidays, many boarding establishments need months notice in advance so looking into reputable boarding before commiting yourself to a pet.

Also consider vaccinations costs and food and equipment costs. Veterinary costs can be costly too so either think about pet insurance or whether you can even afford veterinary care - if you can't, you really can't afford a pet!

Outside Accommodation Ideas


Inside Accommodation Ideas






Housing costs can be from £100 upwards, with a choice of large hutches, wooden playhouses and sheds for outdoor rabbits and large dog crates for indoor rabbits.

All hutches should have secure bolts on them to make them more secure from predators. Chicken wire should not be used as it is not secure and can easily be chewed through. Secure galvanised mesh is good to use.

The minimum run size a rabbit should have is 6ft x 4ft x 2ft, remembering, bigger is better!!

Average costs of neutering is £70 for a female spay and £50 for male castration.

Over 85% of female rabbits will get uterine cancer once over the age of 3. This can be prevented by spaying. Spaying also calms them down most of the time and reduces hormonal/territorial behaviour.

Castrating a male will reduce the chances of them spraying. It also makes them less sexually frustrated and calms their hormones down, making them less territorial.

Castrating and spaying will also make it easier to litter train rabbits, making it a lot easier and quicker to clean them out daily.

It also costs around  £16/20 PER vaccination, with myxomatosis being needed every six months and VHD needed yearly.