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Here at Starlight's we are big animal lovers, and have several furry family members. Here are their photos and a little about them. You may see some of them when you come to visit! All of our pets have grown up alongside small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, and some even have identity issues and act more like rabbits! (including eating hay, pellets and seeing fresh hay as a nice place to bed down!)

Pepper is a 9 year old semi-long haired cat. Originally coming to live with us in 2009, she was abandoned with her 3 kittens, only being 6 months old herself. She was a fantastic mother. Whilst her kittens found rescue places, we fell in love with her, and she stayed! Pepper likes curling up on pillows, dribbling when content, and meowing profusely for chicken!

Ashley is an 14 year old black cat. We took him on as he had 48 hours to find a home before being euthanised. On arrival he pined for his previous owners for 4 days. Never eating, using the litter box, just staring at the wall. Originally we took him in to find him a new home or rescue place, but no one wanted an elderly black cat, so he stayed. Ashley likes sleeping on the sofa or on top of the hutches.

Cookie is a 6 year old crossbreed. Originally found on a facebook selling page emaciated and smelly, we took her on, fed her up and sought veterinary attention for her, Now she is a bouncy healthy girl who loves cats and rabbits, and thinks she is one! She will be seen in the dog crate on arrival, as she does not understand floor level cuddles!
All of our rabbits live together in a 20ft x 5ft custom aviary! 

Caspian is the only male rabbit of the group, and is part giant. He is a big stroppy, stubborn rabbit, who likes to henpeck the girls. He is a grouchy boy, who is normally found sprawled out in the kennel asleep!







Binx is a 7 year old black cat. Being given away at 8 weeks old, she came to us, after being handed over to us in a games console box!  Binx is known for being very heavy footed as she walks on the wooden flooring. Binx likes meat based treats and is very shy. she will run from most people, and most animals.

Charm is just under 6 years old and is a black kitty. I hand reared him myself from 10 days old, and he is a momma's boy!  Charm is very social, and nosey, and most likely to be found with his head in your bags, or trying to climb into your carrycases once they are empty. He loves attention and cuddles, and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his own way! 

Nala is estimated to be 5.5 years old, and is a tabby. She came to us with her four 2 week old kittens that she had rejected after her owners said they were going to chuck her out. I handreared her kittens who then went to their rescue place once weaned, but Charm had fallen in love with Nala, so she stayed! Nala is often found asleep on the fridge, the dog crate, or on the arm of a sofa.





Gypsy is a spring chicken at around 6 years old. She is the tiniest of the group, but makes up for that with character. She is always found up to mischief of some kind!