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Here at Starlight's, we love to hear what you think of our services. Please feel free to add your review of our services here. We are always happy to read your comments, and take on board everything that is said!

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Reply Josephine Jones
10:46 AM on November 9, 2017 

I have used Christine for a number of years to board all my indoor bunnies. She is really knowledgeable and despite health issues they always come back happy and extremely well looked after. She also bonded my very grumpy female lionlop to a new younger female after I lost her partner - something I was doubtful was possible after many fights. They have stayed bonded and are now a fantastic pair of indoor bunnies. I cannot recommend Christine enough.

Reply Sam Rashid
5:14 PM on August 31, 2017 

Starlight looked after our two pet rats for just over a week this summer. When we arrived Christine was friendly and helpful and made us feel at ease about leaving them. On collection our rats seemed very happy, clean and well looked after. I would definetly leave them with Starlight again and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Reply Julie Spooner
10:36 AM on October 22, 2016 

Christine has looked after our two bunnies three times in the last 2 years and each time they have been looked after so well. Christine is an incredibly kind and caring person and has lots of experience with rabbits. Remarkably, she was successful in rebonding our two female dwarf lops after they had fallen out, quite viciously, at home. She also provided lots of helpful advice for when we brought them back home and always had time to answer any queries. Our rabbits have been very happy since then and now visit Christine when we go on holiday. Thank you Christine- you are a star! 

Reply Louise
5:30 AM on September 19, 2016 

We have left our indoor bunny twice with Christine and both times he has come home really happy and relaxed. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this boarding facility: our bunny gets a large pen to run around in indoors (I would estiamte approximately 1.5m2) with a large litter tray, a box to hide underneath or sit on and a variety of toys. Christine seems really passionate about rabbits and seems to be very knowledgable!

Reply Pumpkin and Pickle Parents
8:12 AM on November 21, 2015 

Our two bunnies have been holidaying at starlight for 4 years and both they and we love it! Christine is passionate and knowledgeable about animal welfare and particularly bunnies. She shows the same level of care and love to her boarders as she does her own pets, sometimes our two bunnies seem reluctant to leave when we go to pick them up!


On a practical perspective, starlight is very flexible in terms of pick up and drop off times, they have a great range of accommodation at different prices and all of it is extremely good value.


We feel very lucky to have found starlight an d Christine and would recommend it to everyone. :) 

Reply Pammi
10:01 PM on October 13, 2015 
I have been leaving my bunnies with Christine for many years now and very happy with the level of service. Christine is a caring, honest and passionate person towards any animal and especially towards our rabbits, which is very reassuring in that I know that they are getting the best care whilst I'm away + lots of playtime fun. We all want to keep our pets with people we Trust, I definitely find that in Christine, cannot ask for anything more as my bunnies have always been well looked after. I'm very grateful. Thanks you so much.
Reply Salena Turner
8:45 AM on September 20, 2015 

I am so grateful to Christine for bonding my two little bunnies.  They started fighting shortly after I got them home from the pet shop and being two boys I was told by nearly everyone I went to for advice that they would probably not bond again.  Thankfully, I found Christine on the internet and she got them back together after nearly a year of them living apart.  Christine has also been amazing at giving me advice afterwards and always answers my calls or emails with constructive help if my bunnies have a falling out again.  I'm forever grateful.  Christine is a truly lovely lady. xx

Reply nicola
3:49 PM on September 3, 2015 

Originally i was just going to use the bonding services at Starlights but then i decided to take advantage of the opportunity and coincide a few days away so boarding was added also. A few weeks before i was forced to cancel the bonding and just use the boarding and i cannot tell you how pleased i was, and still am, with the service my rabbit received. Darcy is an indoor bun so therefore she stayed in the Apricot Apartment which is a 6x4 pen. There were loads of things to keep my girl entertained and all i had to do was supply the pellets and of course the rabbit. Hay was supplied as was veg and other tasty treats. Everything was professional and a contract was signed. The daily rate is very reasonable and i was made to feel more then welcome from the minute i arrived to the minute i left. I have since discovered that one of my daughters friend uses starlights to board his 2 bunnies. I will be returning and so will Darcy and who knows, i may even take advantage of the bonding service if i foster a rabbit from starlights x

Reply IVY
2:44 PM on March 3, 2015 

Where do I start....!? Words can't describe how much Christine helped out our two giant bunnies Betty and Foxy. We moved back from Ireland to the UK and needed Christine to look after them for a whole two months (Nov/Dec 2014) whilst we were in between homes. Betty and Foxy stayed in the inside accommodation and by the looks of the photos I was sent they had an absolute whale of a time. Christine is truly a very loving bunny lady, so kind and always eager to help, and I really appreciated what she did for us. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH xxx

Reply carla
9:17 AM on September 7, 2014 

We left our precious bunny called Herbie for a week in July/August with Christine in one of the outside hutches. We just want to thank Christine for taking care of Herbie so well. We were very nervous leaving him, but saw that he had everything he needed and was cared for very well. In the hot weather the hutches had mini fans attached to the cages to keep them cool!!!! Nothing was too much trouble, and what reassured us was seeing how much Christine loved bunnies herself. Peace of mind was had by us all while we were on our holiday. Thank you very much!!

Reply Amy
2:38 PM on August 25, 2014 
Sage and onion are my most prized possession, so I am so happy I have got to know Christine. She's a true bunny-loving lady, my rabbits love her (she helped them to bond) and they loved staying there recently when we went away. Christine is kind and reassuring and I am so pleased I don't have to worry about leaving them as I know they're in the best hands!
Reply Emma Carroll
10:40 AM on May 15, 2014 

Our bunnies loved the time they spent at Starlights and we even came back with another bunny! Starlights foster bunnies as well as board thems and we fell in love with little Fawkes as soon as we saw him. We have booked our bunnies in for another holiday next year and I know they will love seeing Christine again. Thank you :D

Reply Cate & Rex
2:34 AM on May 13, 2014 

Christine gave our two house buns a fantastic time when we went away for a week's holiday. She is so reassuring and although we were nervous about leaving them in boarding for the first time her obvious knowledge and passion about rabbits meant that we knew they were in very safe and caring hands. The facebook updates with photos of our buns looking relaxed and happy during their holiday helped to reassure us while we were away. Christine even packed us off with some home-made rabbit biscuits when we went to pick them up - we couldn't have asked for better service! She also does amazing work looking after some very sick rabbits. I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend Starlights to anyone looking for boarding for their buns!

Reply Frankie and Chris
10:27 AM on January 19, 2014 

We’ve been boarding our two rabbits with Starlight regularly for two years and we couldn’t wish for a better service. Chris is so accommodating and so knowledgeable about all animals not just rabbits. It is lovely because it feels like our bunnies get a holiday when they go to starlight and we get to see them enjoy their stay through photos on facebook. Our bunnies always come back really friendly due to all the cuddles they get! I would recommend starlight to everyone.

Reply Des
1:24 PM on January 4, 2014 

Christine came and look at my cat for a week over the Christmas. Great news, she was kind and considerate to my cat, fed and looked after her and left us a note detailing what exactily happened. Fab short term service and will definitely use her again.

Reply Christine Campbell
10:04 AM on September 5, 2013 

Christine has taken amazing care of our Velveteen throughout this summer! We've boarded Velveteen for about a week or more at a time since May and have nothing but great things to say about Christine and the facilities. Velveteen always comes back very relaxed from his "holiday home". He used to be afraid to get in his carrier box, now he loves it because he knows he's going to Starlight!

Reply Sam
11:54 AM on August 31, 2013 

Our two guinea pigs had a great summer holiday at starlite. It was a long journey getting them there and we wondered if it was worth it. Of course it was and the hutches are big so they had plenty of room. Christine worked hard at keeping them cool in the hot temperatures. We would recommend starlite to others and are grateful to the person who recommended Christine to us!   

Reply Sandra
11:14 AM on August 30, 2013 
My rabbit rusty had a fantastic time with Christine he was very well looked after and has become a lot more outgoing since he has come back. It is clear that Christine is passionate about animals and their welfare . The boarding facilities are excellent with lots of room and toys to play with I would not hesitate to bring my rabbit and hamster there again
Reply Dani
5:18 PM on August 26, 2013 

Christine was a breath of fresh for me and my 4 bunnies!  I had a trio and a single bun who I had tried bonding twice myself.  It was such a stressful experience and I got bitten twice!  I decided to get help from Starlight's Pet Services, and Christine was brilliant!  My bunnies were only with her for 5 nights and they are now home, and happily bonded.  Christine knows her stuff and I wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of her expert knowledge and facilities for when we go on holiday (I live 60 miles away!)  She has a heart of gold and clearly loves her animals, from hamsters to dogs! :-)

Thanks a million!

Dani, Monty, Sidney, Daisy & Bertie xxxxx

Reply louise Joels
5:06 AM on July 24, 2013 

Well what can I say apart from Christine is brilliant.  After me attempting and failling to bond my rabbits I decied to take them to see christine, I must admit wasn't to sure at first, but it only took 4 days to bond they are all loved up and snuggling up to each other. Dont know what I would have done if I hadnt found her website.

Thank you once again.

Louise, bunny and winter :D


Reply Donna Hayman
4:29 PM on July 20, 2013 

i am so grateful to Christine for bonding my three bunnies for me! After trying and failing miserably on several occasions to do it ourselves I had almost given up and resigned myself they would have to be kepy seperately. Then we stubbled upon this website and thought  we would give it a go and am so glad we did. In less than a week they were all loved up and back home with us. Christine took fantastic care of them and even sent me pics and updates. Im so happy with the service I wouldn't hesitate to sent my boys back here for boarding when we go on holiday and also massively recommend to anyone struggling with bonding there buns :)

Reply Donna Finn
3:53 PM on June 4, 2013 

I can completely recommend starlight pet services for bonding services. Christine is one of the only people I found anywhere in the area who offers this service and I can't be more grateful for her hard work. I had two difficult rabbits who were at complete loggerheads with each other when I turned to Christine for help. She took my two rabbits for one week and when they returned they were friends with each other. Not only did she take really good care of them, she offered around the clock monitoring during the early stages of bonding and advised me on how to reintegrate them back a home. I was shocked to find out that Christine doesn't charge for this service, only asks for a donation therefore making it possible for everyone to have their rabbits happily bonded together with Christine's professional and very experienced service. I cannot thank Christine enough for her help and would completely recommend anyone having bonding problems to give it a try. My two bunnies are far happier together than they were separately. 

From a very pleased bunny owner. :D

Reply Jamie Hunt(Priscilla)
4:28 AM on April 30, 2013 

To sum the boarding u in one word would be AMAZING!

We all felt very welcome incuding Priscilla who started eating straight away! 

WE shall be returning.


Reply Amy
12:19 PM on August 11, 2012 

Christine did an amazing job with my three rabbits. I tried and failed to bond them myself, after a visit to Starlights they are so happy together. Thanks for all your help!

Reply Charlotte
9:28 AM on March 15, 2012 

My two rabbits had such a lovely time at Starlights they really didnt want to leave. The hutches are a really good size, it was like they were on their own little holiday. Really great service I will definitely be returning.

Reply Nikki Sweeney and Lola
10:53 AM on June 30, 2011 

Thank you for looking after Lola so well in June and am just about to rebook for August if your available.  Have never felt like I could go away before but have no worries at all now.  Thank you

Reply Kate
5:58 PM on June 19, 2011 

Hi Kris,

Thanks so much for boarding Penelope and Buzz for nearly a whole month! They had the best time with you, were obviously so happy and well taken care of, I don't think they wanted to leave! I thought the pens were spotless and spacious and they looked so healthy when I came to pick them up! It was well worth the 2+ hour journey to Essex and back to have the peace of mind.


Reply Adam
6:59 AM on June 16, 2011 

Hi Christine

Just wanted to thank you for looking after Starsky and Hutch so well recently while I was away and I wouldnt want to board them anywhere else but tips for improvement would be room service, toilet paper folded into a point, hot tub/jacuzi and mints on pillows, I might book myself in if you provide this.

Thank you





Reply Sharon
4:07 PM on April 20, 2011 

 I have adopted  three bunnies from Kris in the past and I  also have boarded my buns with her several times. I would highly recommend boarding your buns with Starlights .Kris is a kind hearted, caring person who cares for your rabbits like they were her own!

Reply Alison
12:46 PM on January 31, 2010 

Hi Kris

You have added some great advice on here, every rabbit owner should read 'Vaccinations' and 'Common Health Problems'. So many people do not know how important it is to quickly spot the signs of an ill bunny and also how important vaccinating is.  The pictures of Autumn are heartbreaking and it is so brave of you to use them to warn others.

Also, people shouold read the information on 'Rabbit Housing And Care', I would say that 90% of the hutches you find in pet shops and on websites are inadequate for housing an average sized bunny and you make it clear that owning a bunny is a big commitment, can cost a lot of money and should be well thought about, rather than purchased on a whim.

This site is a credit to you and everything you do for all your bunnies. xx

Reply RabitCages
3:05 AM on January 21, 2010 
Your site keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
Reply Leanne
5:38 PM on January 10, 2010 

Hi Kris,


It's Leanne, Honey's new mum. Just a little up-date to let you know how well she is doing. She is still her bossy self but loves Pancakes very much, and seldom leaves his side. She was not very fond of human attention to begin with but has worked out that something nice or tasty happens when ever i come to the hutch. She is not much of a stroking bunny but i have found she loves a gentle ruffle and scratch. She usually bebins to groom herself when i do this, but tonight she actually spent 10 minutes licking me! Was very sweet to see that she accepts me and shows her affection. She is always first to run to the door, i'm not sure if she is pleased to see me or her treat!? She does love her food! :-)


I am also pleased to say that one of her eyes has completely sorted it'self out and only one eye duct now gets blocked. This i am very pleased with.


It has all worked out well and i love watching her lollup around the garden after Pancakes who darts around like a complete nutter.


Thanks for helping her get to a lovely home from Pancakes and myself.xx

Reply Erin (buuny_friend)
1:22 PM on November 24, 2009 

Hi Kris!

I think you rock! :)

Thank you for letting us adopt Norman (Toby) I miss him like crazy :(

Keep up the GREAT work. xxx

Reply Andrea aka ~ Cat ~
3:54 AM on November 17, 2009 

You do the most amazing job ever!