A list of questions compiled by The Rabbit's United Forum on what every owner should ask of a boarding home.
If you have any questions not listed, please feel free to email us on the link at the very bottom of this page.

About Us

  1. What experience do you have?

    We have 5 years experience running a rabbit rescue, and 8 years in small animal care.


    We have two animal care qualifications:

    National Certificate in Animal Care
    ABC Levels 2+3 in Small Animal Care

    And in the next few months, plan to expand this list with a "Professional Pet Care and Vet Practice Assistant" qualification and a "Companion Animal First Aid Diploma Level 3"

  2. Do you board other types of animals?

    We only board Rabbits and  Guinea pigs in our hutches and pens.
    We can also board other small rodents, and some small birds providing they come with their own cages.

    We do not board ferrets under any circumstances, due to the fear they may cause our other small holidaying animals

  3. Do you have any of your own animals in the household?

    We have 5 of our own rabbits, who live at the opposite end of the garden to the boarding hutches. We have five cats, who are friendly, very sociable and either love, or are scared, of rabbits! And two dogs who are very friendly and like to watch over the animals to make sure they're okay. Also eight gerbils, who live in our indoor boarding room away from any guests.

  4. Can you provide references?

    Yes, we can, if asked for.

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  1. Do you provide indoor and outdoor accommodation?

    Yes.  We cater for both outside and house rabbits. You must mention at the time of booking if your rabbit is usually indoors or out so that you are booked into the right cage and to avoid disappointment. For more details. see the "facilities" page.

  2. What size is the accommodation?

    Our outside hutches currently consist of one 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch with permanently attached 6ft x 4ft run, one 6ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch and a 6ft x 3ft x 2ft hutch

    Indoor accommodation consists of  two 5ft x 4ft pens

  3. Are your cages secure?

    Yes. Each outside hutch has two bolts, and two padlocks each. At night time, their hutches are barricaded against predators. Each hutch has weldmesh, and not chicken wire, to ensure better protection,

  4. How often are they cleaned out?

    We wipe hutches down daily with an anti-bac spray, and litter trays are completely cleaned and disinfected every day.

  5. What are my pets bedded on?

    All hutches and cages are lined with wipe clean vinyl flooring. This is to keep their hutches nice and clean and ensures any accidents are wipeable. On top of this they have vetbed.  They have a deep box full of hay in the bedroom area.

  6. How do you clean between boarders?

    All hutches, pens and runs are bleached between boarders, and left to air for 24 hours. Any bowls and bottles are sterilised.

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  1. Where will they exercise?

    We have 6ft x 3.5ft x 2ft runs for all outside boarders. Our indoor boarders have freerange time for a minimum of 4-5 hours a day in a seperate room that has wipe clean surfaces.

  2. When are their runs cleaned out?

    The outside runs are cleaned out and their hay replaced, daily.

  3. Do you use grass based runs?

    No. Our runs are on concrete. This is to prevent spread of any disease.  The concrete runs are bleached and aired between boarders.

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  1. Do you take unvaccinated animals?

    No. Your rabbit will NOT be allowed in if a valid vaccination card is not shown with vet signature. Your rabbits must have been vaccinated at least two weeks prior for both Myxomatosis and for VHD.

  2. What if my bonded rabbits start fighting?

    If they have any injuries, they will recieve the attention of our vet, and any treatment necessary. If they need to be split, they will be housed seperately, and you will be billed for this at the end of your stay.

  3. How often are pets checked?

    Normally there is someone around all day. But animals are checked on at least three times a day, and recieve a daily health check whilst here to make sure all is well and okay.

  4. What if my pets stop eating while in your care?

    We will seek the immediate attention of our vet. Where possible, you will be kept informed of any vet trips needed if we can reach you on your emergency number. You will be invoiced for any medical bills on your return

  5. My pet requires medication, can you do this?

    Yes, we can. This will need to be agreed on prior to boarding. If your pet does need medication, the best thing to do is send us an email explaining what it is they have, and why.

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  1. Do we need to bring our own food?

    Yes. We ask you to bring enough of your pets dried food for the duration of their stay. We ask you to fill a form out on arrival about any vegetables your animal is allowed. Unlimited hay is supplied by us.

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  1. May we come and view the facilities?

    Of course. We encourage everyone who wishes to board with us to come and meet us first, and to see first hand what our setup is like. This also gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions.

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