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If you are interested in adopting one or more of our bunnies/guinea pigs, we will carry out a homecheck prior to rehoming wherever possible. This is where we come to view your rabbits accommodation to see whether it is suitable for the rabbit/s you wish to rehome, and to answer any questions you may have.  Where this is not possible, we will require a vet reference. The home check is not an interrogation, this is merely to make sure that you understand and can manage all aspects of caring for rabbits.

We ask for a donation of £45 per rabbitand £20 per guinea pig which does not fully cover the costs of the care they receive, you are welcome to give more.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are social animals, and as such we prefer NOT to rehome them to live on their own. All rabbits will either be homed as pairs, or to live with your existing single rabbit, unless there are exceptional circumstances. The same goes with guinea pigs.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs will NOT be rehomed to live together. They should NOT live together due to a number of reasons.

1. Rabbits and guinea pigs interact differently, ginea pigs like to chatter and huddle up. If a rabbit was to lay down as a guinea pig was huddled to it, it would crush the pig

2. When excited, rabbits kick out, if a pig was nearby, this kick could easily break their bones or even kill them

3. Guinea pigs can not make their own vitamin C so need a food that has this added in, while rabbits need a high fibre pelleted food.

4. Rabbits are carriers of a disease called Bordatella, which is fatal to guinea pigs.



If you currently have a bunny that you would like to bond with one of ours, we can do it free of charge. We will introduce them to each other here at Starlight's Rabbit Rescue as it is neutral territory and there will be less chances of fighting. 

If an adoption falls through, or you are unable to care for a rabbit rehomed via our rescue, please return them to us (with prior notice)

You are NOT permitted to rehome the bunny yourselves, we also require notice of any change in the said rabbit/s circumstances.

Having read the above, if you are still interested in rehoming a rabbit, or pair, from us, please email us to make an appointment to view and for a homecheck.

Preparing for Your Home Visit.
We are pleased you are considering adopting a rescued rabbit from Starlight's Rabbit Rescue.
We want them, and you, to have a happy life together. As a rescue, we have a responsibility to ensure that the rescued animals in our care go to the best lifetime homes which they deserve, which is why we always carry out a home check.

Please remember it isn’t a “test”. It is an opportunity to get things right for your pets from the start and we at the rescue are here to help and advise you along the way and answer any questions you may have.

Every one of our recommendations are set for good reasons and are to comply with RSPCA and Rabbit Welfare Association guidelines.
Please ensure you are ready for your home check ie: the accommodation is finished and ready for your new rabbits/piggies to live in; that includes exercise space. If you're not ready that will mean a wasted journey and our home checkers will have to pay another visit. We are always happy to give advice and answer any questions to get things right before your home check.